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the only documentaries ever made about the life and legacy of Penn State's beloved coach, Joe Paterno. Share the stories of who “we are”.

“I am not a filmmaker who approaches subject matter with the goal of promoting a ‘message’ per se. My job is to presume very little prior to filming what I think is an interesting story. It is to share epiphanies rather than compose them. In fact, that is what makes being a documentary filmmaker so thrilling: the idea that we as filmmakers have the chance to learn, be moved and changed by the stories we discover and share. Inevitably, the best documentaries are simple and ubiquitous parables that come to us through the spirit and timelessness of Occam’s razor and the universal themes of Love, Hate, Loss, Uncertainty, etc. that befuddle us all. The best documentaries merely generate an evolution of thought in the filmmaker that is then shared with the viewer. It’s an invitation of sorts. Where we ask our self, then the viewer, to reconsider one of humankind’s common, insipid, banal complacencies by obliging a voyeuristic real-world journey - captured by a lens that is as inherently and purposefully indifferent to the outcome as the person using it…or fate itself.”

Eric Porterfield

The Reporter, May 2015