365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley DVD

365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley DVD


Increasingly known as the film that got it right, "365 Days" explores how individuals, Penn State University, and the State College community came together to grapple with unresolved issues in the wake of the Sandusky scandal. It looks at the crimes and the reactions of PSU as they reverberated through this small, high profile community while highlighting the strength and resolve of those who live in, and cherish, Happy Valley.

The film explores the concept of forgiveness as a pathway to moving forward. Gaining unprecedented access to the Amish, it explores this rural Pennsylvania community's reaction to the Nickel Mines murders and lays controversial contrast to the way the Penn State community reacted to their own challenges. Gaining wide respect and acclaim from filmmakers and community members, "365 Days" has gained a reputation for being controversial, yet thought provoking and a thorough examination of the events rather than a sensationalized tale.

From the producers of the Telly Award winner"The People's Joe" and the EMMY nominated "The Joe We Know". Directed by Eric Proulx, written and produced by Eric Porterfield.

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DVD format. Run time 1 hour, 39 minutes.

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“Erik Proulx’s film about the Penn State community’s impossible journey from betrayal and national scandal to a place of reconciliation and forgiveness, is beautiful and thought provoking. It should be required viewing for anyone who is forced to live through– and beyond– tragedy.” —Doug Pray, Emmy Award winning director of films such as Levitated Mass (2013), Art & Copy (2009), Surfwise(2008)

“I’ve watched over 150 documentaries in the past 2 years, this is the only one I burst out crying at. Amazing way of telling two stories of incredible horror and heartache, and the beauty of forgiveness. Grab it. Well done Erik Proulx.”  -Scott Stratten, 3X Author, Speaker, UnPodcast Co-host, President UnMarketing.com

“It’s excellent. I love the rhythm of it: the sense of an emotional unfolding rather than an exposé. Very human and humane without sugar coating. Stylistically unhurried yet at its core urgent and emphatic.”—Bruce Sheridan, Producer of the film “Head Games”, Chairperson of Columbia College Chicago’s Film & Video Department.

“Your treatment of the story was balanced, without preaching. This may well become the definitive film on this subject, in any format.”—Dan Chase, Director of documentary film “Perseverance: The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor,” Black Point West, Perseverance Films